SEO Article Writing – Learn and Master the Process in 6 Easy Steps

Right now, there’s no better tool to use in securing better page rank than writing and distributing SEO articles in the online arena. Google and other giant search engines will surely pay attention to your website if you constantly offer great, properly optimized content. Here’s how you can easily write effective SEO articles without breaking a single sweat:Know your audience. Always start the process by identifying your target audience and understanding their needs and demands. As a writer, you’ll benefit from knowing the topics that they find interesting and their preferences. It is through this that you can easily make your articles very focused and very targeted.Find the best keywords. The process of SEO article writing will not be complete without doing keyword research. Don’t worry as this is very easy. Start by launching a reliable but free keyword tracker and key in the niche that you’re targeting. In seconds, you’ll get hundreds of keywords that are popular to your target audience and are related to what you sell. The best keywords to target are those that are not extremely competitive but are still very profitable.Identify related terms. As you’re only allowed to use your primary keywords once or twice for every 100 words, it will help if you identify and use related terms or their synonyms. This is to ensure that your articles will not sound redundant. This process is often referred to as latent semantic indexing technique which can help in making your articles even more search engine-friendly.Offer high quality articles. One thing that you need to understand about SEO article writing is it’s not all about writing to target certain keywords; more than that; it’s still about addressing the needs of your target audience and educating these people. Strive to produce high quality articles that are not only well-written but very informative as well. Share your in-depth knowledge to help your readers solve their problems or to understand their struggles. Make sure that you communicate your ideas using the simplest terms and short sentences.Proper keyword placement. Where you put your keywords will have direct impact on the rankings of your articles. For best results, place them on the titles (it’s best if they’re the first few words that your target audience will see), on the first 90 characters of the article, at least once on each of your paragraphs, and on the last sentence of the article. Ensure that you use just enough keywords to avoid issues about keyword spamming. Keyword density for each term that you’re targeting should only be 2% of your article word count.Proofread. End the process by making sure that your articles are perfect. Read them out loud and check them for grammar and spelling errors. You can also use this time to check the flow of your content. Ensure that your articles are very coherent and that they make sense so you can easily give your audience great reading experience.

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